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New here

2016-02-14 21:49:31 by HaydeMusic

lol so im new here, currently uploading all the tracks I've done so far, more on the way though I promise.


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2016-02-15 19:59:13

New here? You might also want to try making album covers and uploading your stuff to YouTube, with a link to NG for others to download. That will help your publicity.

HaydeMusic responds:

I have a soundcloud with high quality WAV file downloads and I'm trying to get a youtube up soon.


2016-02-16 00:38:45

Most people like MP3 for the smaller file size. The sound quality isn't that much different on most sound systems regardless if you export at 320 kbps. You could actually be deterring people to download that way. What software do you use?

HaydeMusic responds:

to produce? I use Ableton Live 9